Meet the Cast of the comic!

Our Hero! Tom is the most recent hire at Mega Super Land. Optimistic about his new job, this college graduate is about to experience everything the world of working in a theme park can (and will) throw at him.

Tom’s best friend and the other side of the coin. Jaded to the world after working at a Mega Super Land for seven years, Bryan is wise to the inner workings of the company. While usually the more sarcastic of the two, Bryan tries to look out for Tom and protect him from the evils of the park.

Emma works at Raptorpalooza, a ride near Dino Crossing. This sweet Megaployee enjoys her job and loves seeing the smile on the families’ faces.

Frank loves his job. He’s the official mascot of Cretaceous Crater which allows him to get close to his one true love, Alice. She just doesn’t know it yet.

Alice comes from wealth so no one really knows why she works at Mega Super Land. While not the hardest worker, Alice still pulls her weight, especially while she fights off the constant advances of Frank.

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