About Mega Super Land


Welcome to Mega Super Land: A comic about a group of people that work at a popular theme park of the same name. Our story follows the lives of these ‘Megaployees’ as they try to survive working in the harsh and unforgiving environment of a popular vacation spot.






Ryan Huertas created Mega Super Land as a love letter to his experiences and passion of theme parks. You’ll find a lot of jokes and references to existing parks and their culture. As Ryan is a huge nerd (or geek, I can never tell which is which), you’ll also find plenty of nerd references throughout as well.

Ryan is a cartoonist currently living in the small town of Mukilteo, Washington. He has spent almost 10 years with theme parks as an employee, and spent even more time there as a guest. Ryan has previously produced artwork for the webcomics, Smashing Avatar and Silent Outbursts.

Have a "Megical" Day!