Comic-Comic-Comic-Comic-Comic Chameleon!

Hello Everyone!

My second news post is a doozy!

Mega Super Land has the honor of joining other webcomics like Andrew Gregoire’s I Am Arg, Kris Straub’s Broodhollow and Chainsawsuit, Gordon McAlpin’s Multiplex, and tons of other great comics on the Comic Chameleon app (currently for iOS and soon Android)!

For those that don’t know, Comic Chameleon is an app that allows you to read a growing list of different webcomics all in one place with panel-to-panel navigation! Its a must-have for webcomic readers!

This is huge so please please please do yourself a favor and download this awesome app for your phone (the link to the right!) and check out Mega Super Land with all the other amazing webcomics!


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